The Nikah ceremony encompasses the signing of the marriage contract, the khutbah (marriage sermon), and the verbal agreement to marry between the bride and groom. The officiant will make sure the Islamic requirements for a marriage are fulfilled, while maintaining the integrity of our couples’ expectations.


TAHFIZUL QUR’AN classes are focussed on Qur’an Memorisation, with correct tajweed. It is one of the most beneficial and rewarding aspects of study, and requires dedication from both students and parents. Our Hifz programme allows each student to memorise according to their ability and provides guided individualised targets. Students, teachers and parents need to work […]

Islamic Library

“Islamic Library” is an online-based resource teaching and spreading knowledge of Islam. The library is built with a sole goal to offer the best online education that is accessible to everyone, everywhere. It has been designed in a way that can be used by all age groups and across various learning abilities. Complete Quran Free […]


Our Madrasah system has been built and developed by teachers with over 20 years of combined teaching experience. Our teaching processes • Teaching reading and memorizing the Holy QuranTeaching prayer and how to perform it • Instilling Islamic culture and morals by raising him on the tolerant principles of Islam. • Knowledge of the necessary […]


Organizing the reception of mourners and praying for the deceased according to a weekly schedule, in coordination with the Masjid’s administration


Afghan Islamic cultural center provides marital services for Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds such as marriage ceremonies and Islamic marital counseling. Start your journey of marriage with us by booking an appointment.


If you are a known member of our community and need help for school and passport applications, perhaps we could help. Contact us to book an appointment.


Are you somebody who needs Islamic advice? Want to know what the Quran and sunnah says regarding the issue you are facing? Book an appointment with the Imam now to gain some knowledge.

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